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The JODEL JHC Heatpad Controller

JODEL manufactures and supplies its own, purpose built temperature controller.

JHC Controller

System operation

Each controller can operate 24 JODEL Heatpads.

One pad (Master Pad) has a built in Sensor port and the controller temperature probe is inserted in to the sensor port.

When the Master Heatpad reaches the Pre-set temperature the other slave pads will have the same level of heat and the controller will switch off the power.

It is only when the master pad temperature drops 1.0ºC (1.8ºF) below the set temperature that the controller switches back on the power.

In a 60 minute cycle the power is only on for between 6 and 8 minutes.

The reason for the heat retentive qualities of the pad?

The heating element is embedded in a heat retentive polymer which acts as a storage heater and disperses the heat evenly over the surface of the pad.

The base of the pad is insulated to reduce heat loss. When the piglets lie on the surface of the pad this minimizes heat loss from the surface to the air.