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Some questions and answers.

Questions (3)

JODEL® heat pad is heavier and thicker than other pads. Does the height prevent piglets from climbing on the pad?
NO! The JODEL® heat pad is built to provide you with years of trouble free service. The heating element is imbedded in a heat retentive polymer and the base is insulated to reduce heat loss. The 30mm height does not prevent new born piglets from climbing onto the pad.
Doesn’t the maximum power consumption of the JODEL® heat pad which is rated at 125 Watts lead to higher energy consumption compared to other heat pads rated only 60 or 70 Watts?
NO! The Watt rating does not directly relate to the energy efficiency of the pad. The JODEL® heat pad is designed to provide maximum energy efficiency with its heating element imbedded in a heat retentive polymer(acts like storage heater) and the base insulated to reduce heat loss. This in conjunction with the development of the JHC controller, specifically designed to regulate and efficiently control the heat pad temperature, has resulted in an extremely efficient system for creep heating. For any electric appliance to consume power it must be switched on and because the JODEL® heat pad is so efficient at maintaining its temperature and the JHC controller is so accurate in its control, the pad draws very little power. In trials comparing the energy usage of the JODEL® heat pads with 250 watt heat bulbs, the heat pads used 90% less electricity i.e. pad used 25 watts per hour. The JODEL® heat pads were only using electricity i.e. switched on, for 10% of the time due to the high level of insulation and high heat retentive properties of the pad
Do I need to use the JHC control unit with the JODEL® heat pads?
We highly recommend that all JODEL® heat pads are regulated by the JHC controller in order to achieve the maximum energy saving. The controller clearly displays the actual pad surface temperature within ±1°C. The controller allows simple adjustment of the pad temperature in order to provide for maximum piglet comfort. The JHC controller has been specifically developed to control heat pads and therefore we believe that it is the best controller to use.